What our clients say about us

"Marah, where would we be without you? I tell you where, in a shop stealing food, as I've not eaten in 2 days. But once again Marah saves the day with a hot meal and 5 minutes to listen to my problems. They're the people that choose to see us instead of turning the other way!" Mark

"I respect and appreciate Marah. When I was homeless they pointed me in the right direction and they really cared about me.   I have been kept alive due to Marah's help.  It's the support that I have got and being able to chat to people.  They have been so compassionate towards me and treated me like a human being despite my mental health and substance misuse problems.   I want to change my life at the moment and they have helped me want to change."  Anthony

"I like coming to Marah to meet people and have a chat.  The food is really nice.   The food parcels really help when I need them."   Tim

"Always a warm smile to greet you and the food is always a well-balanced tasty meal and the staff have time to talk or to listen to you."   Sean

"I love the fact everyone is so friendly. I always feel welcome when I'm here. The food is absolutely amazing." Laura

"Nice people, great staff.  Thanks for all your hard work." Colin