Real Life Stories

From time to time we ask our guests how Marah makes a difference, here are some of the things they say:

‘ Really like the decent food and lovely company. The food is great, you can’t beat it’ 
‘Marah is essential for the area, it gives us proper food. I’m homeless and Marah has helped me enormously. The volunteers are very nice’ 
‘They are very helpful at Marah, they have saved my life a few times and have fed me over the years. They have helped me when I have had a crisis’ 
“It’s like a lifeline to us because we live alone…I wouldn’t be going anywhere if it wasn’t for Marah’. 


The following case example reflects how Marah’s engagement with people on the margins can positively affect their lives. The name of the client has been changed. 

Peter has attended Marah for many years and has long-term physical health issues, problems with anxiety and occasional substance misuse.  He came to the Drop-in feeling very anxious as he was due to be homeless as his landlord was selling the property he lived in.  Marah referred him to the P3 advice worker at the Drop-in who provided advice and arranged to support Peter further.  Following advice and longer-term support, Peter found new private rented accommodation and is now settled there.  Peter has been working despite his poor physical health and is worried that he may have to give this up as his health is getting worse. Marah is supporting him in liaising with his GP to look at how his health issue can be managed better.  Peter has problems reading and difficulty communicating sometimes. This makes him frustrated and he feels that his GP service has not been listening to him. Marah support has helped prevent homelessness, reduce his anxiety and ensure his health needs are addressed

Colin, a man in his 20s, had been sofa-surfing and rough sleeping for a several months following the loss of accommodation. Has mental health diagnosis and alcohol addiction which means he has periods where his behaviour can be very chaotic. Attended Marah drop-in after long-period of absence and told the Drop-in Manager that he was desperate for help.  He was very hungry and poorly clothed.  P3 advice team at the Drop-in contacted the Street Homeless Outreach team who arranged to meet him at the place he usually slept rough at and also begged.  Marah gave him clean clothes from our store, toiletries and a new sleeping bag.  The Outreach team met with him as arranged and he was referred into supported housing.  

Kevin, a homeless man in 20s. He was sleeping rough in various locations.  Marah linked him up with Rough Sleepers Outreach Team via the Drop-in.  We bought him some new shoes on the day we met him as his own had fallen apart (cost shared with partner agency and a specific donation from a Marah supporter).  Marah paid for his clothes to be washed at the launderette.  We ordered a fast-track birth certificate for him as he had secured a job in a local kitchen but needed some ID to start work. He is now working locally in a hotel and working with Outreach to secure accommodation.