Who we help

Marah reaches out to people in need, providing support in a non-judgmental, welcoming framework. We work with people on the margins of society; those who are excluded from the everyday positive experiences of life due to their circumstances, life history and others’ perception of them.

The issues presented by our clients include:

  • Homelessness – including street homeless people and those staying with friends
  • ‘Sofa-surfing’ – homeless people sleeping on sofas or floors at several different places
  • Insecure and poor standard accommodation – including Bed and Breakfast
  • Addictions – including drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • People recovering from addiction
  • Mental Health – including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder
  • Physical health – including people with disabilities to those with long-term medical conditions: e.g. chronic asthma, heart/vascular disease
  • Isolation/loneliness – linked to support needs as above: exclusion from mainstream and lack of confidence

Many people present with a combination of the above issues. Marah’s ambition is to to have a positive effect on the lives of all who come to us.