Two young girls support Marah by sleeping out overnight

Two amazing young girls, Jenny Sampson and Lola Halliwell slept out overnight recently to experience what it was like to sleep on the street. They slept outside of their school , Gastrells primary school, and decided to only eat what people gave them.
This took a lot of courage for two 11 year olds and we at Marah are very grateful to them.

They raised awareness of the plight of homeless people and they also collected a huge box of food which was given to them by passers by.

They came to the drop in recently and presented the box to volunteer and trustee , Jackie Natt.

All the food has since been passed on to the clients who come to Marah.

Thank you Jenny and Lola (and Mum, Fiona) . You are all amazing and we at Marah are very grateful!!