Marah Guest Survey

We think we know our guests pretty well, but from time to time we like to get an independent view of what we do and who we help. We enlisted independent help and they asked our guests a range of questions. 

We surveyed 57 guests and discovered that 30% of respondents indicated they don’t have regular access to cooked food and that these guests tend to rely on supermarkets and donations outside of their visits to the Drop-In. The data suggests that close to a third of all respondents are completely dependent on Marah and the Drop-In as their primary source of food.


One of our guests said: 

“Marah has been a life-saver for me, stopping me believing I would have to break the law just to eat. I came to Marah in a suicidal state, desperate. Marah passed me to P3 who worked endlessly to find me shelter. It’s been an eye-opener these last 2 years. The Marah brings a bit of light back when the darkness hits you. So, thank you to all the staff who give their time and energy. It’s a pleasure to know you don’t have to be alone.”