Drop in Volunteers Needed for Friday

Marah is looking for volunteers for our new drop-in session every Friday.  This will be our fourth weekly session and is being introduced as our guests have told us they would enjoy another weekly session providing good food and a welcoming space.  We are looking for people who can work as part of a team, without judging others. All volunteers will need to be able to attend the Friday drop-in twice a month minimum.  The session is planned to begin in August 2021 but we need to recruit from now.  

Drop-in volunteers arrive at 1200 and leave at end of session after we clear up (up to 4pm latest) .  There is also the option to be part of the kitchen team (arriving 9.30am and leaving 12.30 latest). Some volunteers choose to work the whole day. 

We also have vacancies on Monday and Wednesday, if Friday doesn’t suit you. 

For more information about this volunteer role and the application process, please contact our Drop-in Manager at office@marah.org.uk  Please provide a contact number when you make contact, as it’s good to have a chat with us before applying.